Omega Week- A Letter to Future Pansies

I am not ashamed to say that I am a sorority girl. Not just a sorority girl, but a Delta Delta Delta. Sure I am not in college anymore, but Delta love will always run through my veins. I dedicated four years of my life to a group of woman and the ideals that we held dear.

Some of you will be going alum this weekend. An exciting and scary time. I remember when I was graduating, but not only was I finished with school, I was moving on from what had become one of the closest families I had ever known. I know a lot of people don't get why a girl would join a sorority and "pay for her friends". As one of my sisters likes to say, "If I paid for my friends, I surely didn't pay enough". For four years I formed the tightest  bonds I can imagine with some of the strongest, most amazing women I know. Those women have shown me what true friendship means. They have been there during the most wonderful parts of my life and held me together when I was completely broken. They have made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry and made me cry from laughing so hard. I would not be the person I am today if not for the women I spent college with (and continue to meet each year through helping with recruitment).

When you are nearing college graduation, your whole life seems to lie ahead. As exciting as that was for me, I was heartbroken at what I was leaving behind. I remember my Omega Week so clearly. It was filled with so many stories from the previous four years, a lot of laughter and equally as many tears. They good news is, it isn't really over. I can attest to the fact that Tri Delta is a lifelong commitment. You'll live with your sisters in apartments, you'll meet for big group happy hours, you'll meet alumni older than me that will share their stories, you'll meet alumni from other schools, you'll see a pearl, pine, pansy or dolphin and smile. Tri Delta will always find you. Whether you join your local alumni group or start a local happy hour group of your own, the bonds you formed in college will never be far. And if you're like me, you won't be able to let go anyway.

For those of you celebrating this final week as an active member, I encourage you to soak it all in. While you will always have a home in Tri Delta, there really is nothing like living in Mountain View surrounded by your best friends, borrowing clothes from your sister down the hall, dancing to music while you get ready, studying together for a big exam, huddling together during 2 AM fire drills (I know it doesn't seem like you'll ever miss this, but trust me, you will), celebrating the engagement of a sister, crying together over the loss of one and just being there for each other, no matter what.

Tri Delta doesn't stop after you graduate. Really, it's only beginning. As any of you reading this probably know, I not only consider my alumni friends a big part of my life, but also the active members of the chapter. I have gone back whenever I can to mentor and assist the current chapter members. Pansy Brunch is like watching my kids grow up.

To the newest bouquet of Pansies:

I remember all of your names from a bid list four years ago. I have seen you learn from stupid mistakes, talked boy problems with you at midnight (or 3 am) while we set up for the next day of recruitment, talked you through your Delta story for pref night, seen your incredible creativity shine, watched you turn into leaders, talked to you about your struggles and celebrated your successes. I have watched you and the whole chapter come together during a time of sorrow when you lost Maggie. I have never been so moved or inspired. I don't know each of you as well as the next, but I know one thing about all of you: You are all incredible women with bright futures ahead. Tri Delta would allow nothing less. You've blossomed from pearls into pine trees and now into pansies. These next few years will be filled with new fantastic memories and some struggles as well. Remember, you always have these women to pick you up if you fall and I hope you know, you always have me too (I say it every year, let me know if you need letters of reference or anything).

On behalf of the chapter, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into Tri Delta for the last four years. On behalf of the alumni, welcome to life as a pansy! We are so happy to have you!

Delta Love and all of mine,


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Quote of the Week

Okay, so it's not really a quote, but I saw this on Pinterest today and thought it was a great reminder.

Decide what you want.  Ask for it.  Move forward or in some cases, move on. 

This week I see a lot of people moving.  Some are moving on against thier will, because they know they have to.  Some are making strides forward into new chapters of their lives.  And some are moving on because life allows no other alternative.


Hello There, It's Been A While

It's been my intention every day this week to write something.  The inspiration just hasn't come to me.  (Part of the problem is it's hard for me to admit that my grand plans of getting healthy and my 90 day challenge, never happened got postponed a little.  I was not prepared.  I didn't have a plan of attack.  I am working out a better plan and trying to get on track this weekend.  I also envisioned all these great stories and weekly features I was going to write on my blog.  Sadly, I don't have the time for consistency.  It would be so nice if I could schedule in a chunk of time each day for writing.)  To help myself get back on track, today I decided I would tell you the ABC's of Ashley.

Age: 26
Bed size: Queen.
City you want to live in: I want to live on a beach somewhere.  I don't care where.
Dogs:  Cali is the boyfriends dog and I am working on getting one of my own that I am going to name Gatsby.
Essential start to your dayI wouldn't say it's essential, but recently I have been opening the bathroom window in the morning to hear the birds great the day.  It just makes me happy to hear them singing in the AM.  Clearly they like mornings more than I do. 
Favorite alcoholic drink: Vodka tonic or a dirty martini.
Gold or Silver: Silver, but I have been dabbling in gold lately.
Height: 5’9"- yes I'm tall and yes those are heels I'm wearing.
Instruments you play: I play a mean air guitar and air drums.  Other than that, I played the violin for 3 years.
Job title: Fundraising Coordinator for a nonprofit organization.
Kids: negatory
Life goals: Be successful, be a good mom, never forget to find the joy in each day.
Most impactful moment: Meeting a 9 year old named Morgan who was fighting cancer.
Nicknames: The only nickname that has ever stuck is A-Allan
Operations: Nope, not yet.
Pet peeves: Cattiness, thoughtlessness and rude people.
Quote from a movie or TV show: Even though I have a million favorite movie quotes, I can't think of any at this moment.
Right or Lefty: right
Siblings: 2 half brothers and 2 half sisters
Time you wake up: Depends on how much I need to do in the morning.  Usually between 6 and 7.
Underwear: I am pro underwear. 
Vegetable you hate: Peas
What makes you run late: Doing my hair
X-Rays You’ve Had: No X-rays I can remember, but a lot of MRI's
Yummy food you make: I have some awesome cupcake recipes and am pretty good with casseroles too
Zoo Animal: Elephants

Thats a little about me!


Packing- The Silent Killer

You know those little eccentricities about you, that you should never say out loud, but instead just let your significant other slowly pick up on.  Well I am going to tell you all about one of mine.  Warning- I am a total weirdo!  I am going to try to find comfort in the fact that everyone is a weirdo and that's what makes us wonderful.  Okay, okay, here it goes.

Packing is one of my least favorite things to do.  Packing for a vacation, packing for a move...bleh!
I am completely neurotic about it and I have found it is best when things sneak up on me so I have no time to obsess over the most effective packing method.

 I remember the summer before I left for college, I began packing at least a month in advance.  I made a layout of the room.  I knew exactly where my new hot pink plastic drawers and my purple bowl chair would go.  I made special curtains for my closet out of sheets that matched my bedding and I packed.  And packed.  And Packed.  I repacked everything as I got more stuff.  I wanted it to be as easy as possible to unpack once I got there, so I packed over and over again so that everything made perfect sense.  It was a nightmare.  No one likes packing for moves, and I get that, but most people are not as crazy about it as I am.  I need things to be packed in a certain way, a way that makes sense, even if it is only to me.  I guess I want my things to be comfortable for the move.  The longer I know it is coming, the more I obsess.  The more I reorganize.  It is agony. 

The obsession doesn't stop at moving, no, I get the same way about going on vacation.  The more excited I am about a vacation, the more time I need to pack.  I draw diagrams of my daily outfits (sick, I know), I make lists of each item I need then redo the list based on the type of item it is, then sometimes redo the list again based on where it is being packed.  I pretty much make a complete inventory of everything that will be coming with me.  It is a ridiculous ritual, that makes me wonder if I should be seeing a shrink.

 Once in college, for a trip to Havasu, I had made my lists and was working my way through packing when I got to my black flip flops about half way down the list.  I searched everywhere, turned my room inside out, but I could only find one.  I became obsessed.  I couldn't move forward with the packing without my right foots twin.  My friends thought I was ridiculous.  They didn't understand, they had finished packing hours before.  They were busy pre-partying before the trip.  They had both their flip flops.  I jokingly made a lost sign and hung it on my door, offering the reward of a hug and smile if you found my flip flop.  I was kidding...sort of.  The missing flip flop and unchecked box on my list crippled me.  I was on the verge of potential emotional breakdown, when my roommate, and best friend (a giant footed woman like myself) offered me a pair of her black flip flops.  Ah, I could move on, finish my packing and enjoy the rest of my night.  It still haunts me.

Nowadays, I try to trick myself into waiting until the last minute to pack.  It's always best if I don't have a complete itinerary.  This way I can't agonize over every little thing.  I still get the minor anxiety of potentially forgetting something, but I don't waste hours of multiple days organizing a 3 day trip.  You would think I would have become an excellent packer since these days I am pretty much a nomad with no place to call home.  I live out of a backpack between the house I grew up in (yeah, my roommates usually feed me and go to bed before nine) and the boyfriends house.  I am getting pretty tired of the endless packing (and unnecessary self-induced anxiety) so I think I am going to get my own place again soon. 

This post was mostly to help me avoid packing for my trip to San Diego this weekend.  So far it is working, but all of a sudden, I feel the need to put my black flip flops in a secure location until they are ready to be zipped up into my weekend bag.  Yeah, you thought you had problems.


A Week Packed With Fun

Sorry friends, I have been very busy this week and I got a bit behind on the blogging.  It's been a crazy weeks of work events, a Barristers Ball, and some relaxing time in nail and hair salons.  Here are a couple highlights.

My work events included a 2,000 person walk and a charity ride for Arizona Bike Week.  Both events were HUGE successes.  It's always nice to see months of hard work pay off.  Then my weekend started at the nail salon.  I have recently become obsessed with gel or shellac manicures.  They are freaking awesome!  It lasts at least 10 days and more and it is completely dry before you leave the salon.  Plus it helps you grow out your nails without them breaking.  If you are looking for a place that is affordable, perfectly executed and quick, try 7 days nails and spa at Tempe Marketplace.  There are always about 20 different nail techs and even though the place is always packed, you never have to wait more than 5 minutes.  Try it!

The boyfriend took me to his Barristers Ball or as we lovingly called it, Law School Prom.  Either way, it was a great excuse to get dressed up.  We all had a great time, especially in the photo booth.

I also got to be a hair model this weekend.  For years I have wanted to get extensions.  I have tried and tried to grow out my hair, but it just never seems to grow.  One of my oldest and dearest friends is a hair stylist for Rolf's Salon.  She is a master of her craft and works with both passion and precision.  Anyway, she needed a hair model on Sunday to show off her extensions skills and she asked me.  I was beyond thrilled (and still am)!  Now I have long luscious, natural looking hair.  I feel like a mermaid, and I love it!