Friday Letters


I've been writing a lot of letters lately- Letters from London and Letters to my younger self (an idea I totally stole from my friend Molly, that you will see very soon).  So why not write some Friday Letters too!

Dear family pets, I am going to miss you Dodie (one of the horses I grew up with) and Nipper (my aunt and uncles dog).  You enriched our lives.  Rest in pet heaven!

Dear Real Housewives of New Jersey, If my future husband ever called me his "bitch wife" he would quickly find out what a bitch I could really be.

Dear Boyfriend, You have been really wonderful lately.  Thanks for being so great with my random emotion breakdowns and not making fun of me for crying through breakfast last weekend.  Thank you for believing in me when I was having a hard time believing in myself.  I love you- a whole lot.

Dear Family, thanks for being so supportive of me taking on this new adventure.  I don't tell you enough how much I love you.

Dear readers. I don't tell you guys how much I love you enough either.  Because I do.  Your comments, your support, your interest in my silly blog- it all means so much to me.

Dear Arizona, we have had our ups and downs over these last 26 years.  Thanks for the good times, thanks for building my character with the bad times.  Despite how much I have been wanting to get away from you, I will miss you more than I know how to describe.  Chances are very good that you are getting a post dedicated to my favorite Arizona spots.

Dear California,  I am so excited to see you everyday.  I am so excited for the many new adventures, people and places you have in store for me.  I'm excited... and also terrified.

Dear old job, We have just a few more days left together.  Thanks for teaching me a lot about nonprofit orgs, showing me what my strengths and challenges are and giving me some good friends.  Best of luck to whomever gets to take my place.

Dear Ashley (yes I am talking to myself), Don't be nervous, you got this! Figure out how to control the faucets that have recently replaced your tear ducts.  You will be back to visit- often.  Start packing! Your crap isn't going to get itself to CA!  Enjoy every moment and stop worrying so much.

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Shar Martinez said...

I SO agree with you on the RHONJ thing! Joe treats Teresa like crap... and she actually puts up with it! Ugh! I hate that!

Have a great weekend girl!

xoxo ♥ Shar

Amanda Nicole said...

I think it's so awful how Joe treats Teresa. She makes excuses for it. Obviously he's not going to stop. I have a post in the making to my younger self.. except I started it months ago and just haven't gotten back to it... can't wait to see yours!

sophistifunk said...

aw, i'm a fellow arizonan! went to high school in scottsdale :) i hope you're enjoying london, i absolutely love it and am so jealous!
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Jessie said...

Good luck w the move!! What's great new chapter you're starting

Chelsea said...

The title of your blog is so catchy and your letters are so creative as well. Your blog is definitely one that I will be following! Can't wait to read more :-)

Laura said...

It sounds like you are off on a great new adventure! I would be afraid/sad to leave the only place I have known too. I think you are going to like it though. Have a good day Ashley.

Niki said...

RIP Dodie and Nipper <3

Are you moving to California??? That's amazing and I'm very jealous. I am a New England girl and I love it, but there's something about California that's just... awesome.

I think Joe Guidice is such a dirt bag. He treats Teresa awful.

Beth said...

I really enjoyed your letter - I have nonprofit history as well... kinda miss is sometimes. Best wishes in CA! Exciting times for you!

Also - free printables that you can send to your friends (something in your letter made me think of it) - You Are Loved cards! enjoy! http://www.paulenecruse.blogspot.com/2012/07/you-are-loved-free-printable-card.html

Glad to have found you via Friday's Letters!

Beth in SC

Sammantha said...

Some shady stuff is going down between teresa and joe. He is always an ass to her and she just sits there looking like a doofus. I feel bad for her though, I think she tries to put on a facade but I don't think she is happy.

I'm so excited for your new adventure in california! Like SO EXCITED! I can't wait to read all about your moving experience, see pictures and hear about your new job! You're gonna do amazing!


Still Standing ... said...

I love name of your blog! New follower from Friday's Letters.


Sierra Catherine said...

Congrats on your move! I wish you nothing but the best as you head to Cali

christine donee said...

Yay for California! I'm totally in love with this state right now.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Looking around and gathering that you're moving to CA - congrats on the new adventure. I just found your blog, but excited to see how everything goes in this exciting new chapter!

Love your letter from London, too - must have been scary with the bomb threats. It's neat that you'll always have those to look back at!