Life Lately

I've mentioned a few times that life has been crazy lately.  So crazy, that I have forgotten to take pictures of most of it.  Here is a little glimpse of what I did capture!

1. Spending a Sunday in Pacific Beach. 2. My new running kicks- because yeah, I am training for a half marathon, see "27 in 27". 3. Loved this!  Might try to make it soon! 4. A little Delta Love!  Back to Phoenix and Flagstaff to help with recruitment. 5. "Shopping" for inspiration for my new bedroom.  Wait until you guys see what that inspiration turned into! 6. All my baby Deltas during recruitment, posing in the hallway.  Some things never change!  7. Had time on my visit to Phoenix to watch the boyfriend coach his Pop Warner team.

What have you been up to lately?


Michelle said...

Looks like a good weekend! Love the bedroom stuff. I always love going pretend house shopping haha

Cindy said...

I'm sorry but I have to leave this comment...

I love lamp. ;)

Bunnie said...

Love those shoes!!!

Your blog is soooo adorable! New follower for sure!!

XOXO Bunnie

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