Life's Little Mysteries

I know, I know, I totally missed my *new* link up that was suppose to start yesterday.  Well, it's just going to have to wait until next week- and I'm sorry.  Life has just been getting away from me!  This weekend (pending getting an out of control nasal drip under control- TMI?) I plan to get my life/blog back on track. 

Anyway, I was getting in the shower today and I noticed I had a little friend, a little spidery friend.  Does anyone else ever find spiders in the shower?  How do they survive the flood? 

This is one of life's little mysteries! 

Story time!
When I was little I always used my grandparents shower.  It was bigger and better than the one in the my bathroom.  Meanwhile, a spider took up residence in my shower.  I hated spiders, but loved having pets, so naturally I named him after something else I hated, Guacamole.  (I no longer dislike guac, only spiders.)

I would check on Guacamole daily when I was brushing my hair and getting ready for school.  I gave a daily report to my grandparents about his daily activity. "yep, he was near the drain again".

I pondered what would happen when I started using that shower again.  Would he survive? Would he call his spider friends and stage an attack?  Was there enough for him to eat there?  I think my grandmother got nervous whenever she would clean the tub, knowing if she Cloroxed the little guy, I would be a little upset.

 Anyway, Guacamole (or a series of lookalikes) lived in the tub for a couple years until I got into my preteens and didn't want anything to do with anyone and wanted my own shower.

The point of that long side story... well, there isn't one. 

But my question is, why do spiders like to live in showers? Anyone?

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