Weekend Wandering and Thoughts

1. Best salad I have ever had.  So delicious!  2. The biggest grape I have ever seen!  Yes it is bigger than my eye!  3. My new office, it's an upgrade from just a desk.  Isn't it lovely? 4. Custom Snoopy's at the Step Out Walk at Knott's Berry Farm.  5. Griffith Observatory, on a gloomy day. 6. I'm not good at smiling and taking pictures, but this is me with the Hollywood sign.  7. and 8. Started my day at the Santa Monica Pier. 9. Driving down the PCH!
A few thoughts from my weekend:
I'm not sure what Chanel was thinking when they enlisted Brad Pitt to do their commercial.  I say it's a miss.  Chelsea Handler agrees!

Some movies will always make me happy.  This weekend my films of choice were Sex and the City:The Movie, A Lot Like Love, 27 Dresses and Because I Said So. Yeah, I watch a lot of movies.

Driving around LA and Hollywood brought back memories of my acting and modeling days.  I immediately went to the gym. 

Adventures are the best!  If you can't go exploring the world, you might as well explore your world.  Have an adventure this weekend!

If I had to chose car insurances based on the celebrity voiceover in thier commercial, I would probably pick Julia Roberts (Nationwide) , but John Krasinski is a close second (Esurance).  Dennis Haysbert (Allstate), I'm sorry, but you don't hold a candle to Pretty Woman and Jim.

Ever thought of buying Skinny Bitch in the Kitch?  Win it this week over on my friend Marci's blog, Waking Up To This!

Have a good week loves!


Sunshine77 said...

Just curious, are you a Snoopy fan?

~ko said...

Looks like a full and fun weekend! Happy Monday to you :)