Did you think I abandoned you?

Well, I kind of did.  Since I was spending the holiday pretty much alone, I kind of shut myself off from the majority of my online social home too.  I didn't read any blogs, I didn't write any blogs and I didn't do much of anything except cook an exceptional meal for one and watch a lot of movies.  Then I got the flu.  I'm still in the recovery process, because let me tell you, this strain of the influenza virus was terribly wicked.  I have been in bed for the last three days.  Tomorrow my life will get back on track as well as my blog.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and didn't spend the weekend in bed like me. 


Lauren said...

Hope you feel 100% soon!!!

Unpublished Life said...

Sometimes we all need time away from both the real and online world (most of the time these go hand in hand). I hope you feel better soon and come back to both worlds re-energised!


TheTinyHeart said...

Hope you feel better! The flu is the worst! PS I sent you an email

The Tiny Heart
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Mary Kay Bozec said...

Feel Better soon !!! having the flu really sucks I'm sorry

Jenn said...

Feel better soon, sweet girl! Sometimes online world breaks are for the best :) Thinking of you!