Miss Me?

...because I missed you! 

Seriously, taking time off from social media is hard.  Let's get real, I caved on Facebook after like two days. 
Self control? It's something I'm working on. 

So, I took a few days off. I needed to refocus, not just my blog, but my life in general.  It's all still a work in progress... but doesn't "work in progress" really define life anyway?

You're gonna see some changes around this joint, all for the better.  In the meantime, bear with me while I teach myself how to design and code and all kinds of good stuff!

Here's a little quote that I also happened to read in a book this weekend.


Jenn said...

Yes!!! I did!!! I'm glad you're back :) I'm here for you, friend! Oh! Bought the sample of one of the two books you emailed me about- LOVE it! Going to have to buy it all. AND! Will you send me your address please?? Thanks, love!

Gillian @ Money After Graduation said...

Welcome back ! Beautiful quote; I've been feeling like I'm letting other people's expectations of me control my life too much lately.

Cori H. said...

Welcome back! I had to disconnect for a little too. It's good for the soul! Love that quote!