A Few Things

1. I have been thinking about doing a blogger biggest loser, since so many of us are on a quest for health/ sleeker bodies in 2013.  Who's interested?  I'm looking for a cohost...

2. Half price ads for anyone who books between now and Jan. 1!  Use the code OWIOWIHALF on passionfruit!

3.  Need a blog makeover?  I started doing a little design work.  I have a two week wait right now, but if you send me an inquiry before Jan. 7th I will give you $5 off my already re-donk-u-lous-ly* low prices.

*Redonkulously- (adverb) So darn low that it makes you want to shake your badonkadonk ridiculously because you are saving so much money.  You're welcome!


Chelsea said...

Hi Ashley!

I am totally interested in being a co-host for your Biggest Loser idea. I am one of those, too, that is hoping to get healthier with the start of the New Year! If you haven't found someone to help you out yet, please email me!


Allie said...

I'd love to be part of the biggest loser! fantabulous idea!

The Gypsy Teacher

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Also interested!! Great idea!

Kim @ wanderlustee.com said...

I'd love to be a part of the BL blogger edition!! I have two weddings AND my 10-year HS reunion this year so I have a lot of motivation to lose!!