Sipping Kate's Kool Aide

I haven't written much the last few days.  I don't know if it is because of a bad case of Angry Eye (not pink eye,,, it's just angry and doesn't want to wear it;s contact anymore.  Actually, today it has calmed down, so we'll call it Surly Eye), or maybe it's that I have been working lots of events, then Christmas shopping, then working on my own projects.  

Christmas shopping and I have a love hate relationship.  I hate the pressure I put on myself to get the perfect gift for someone.  I hate the crazy busy malls.  I hate how drained my bank account becomes.  I hate finding parking...anywhere.


I love knowing I got someone something they will love.  I love seeing their faces when they open the perfect gift.  I love wrapping gifts (see last Christmas here).  And lets be honest, I love getting gifts too, definitely not as much as I love to give them, but I am human after all.  

So I know a lot of you blogger do great gift guides, but I put together one that is purely for me...err girls like me, that happen to be seriously drinking the Kate Spade Kool Aide.  It's just something about being in the store, it's so happy and bright and the gift boxes are so cute... 

Earn Your Stripes Carousel Bangle- $225, An Ace Up Your Sleeve Bangle- $48, This is the Year Bangle- $58,  La Pavillion Iphone 4 Wristlet- $70, Deborah Dot Journal- $28, Take Heart Bangle- $32,  Kaleidoball Beret- $89,  Get Carried Away Bangle- $33, Skirt the Rule Pendant- $58, Hi 5 Mittens- $47, Diagonal Stripe Phone Case Iphone 4- $40, Pardon My French Cards- $27 Magnolia Plaza  Knit Gloves- $52, Avaline Aviators-$128
So lovelies, what is on your lust list?  And are you hopelessly stalking one store? Or better yet, link your gift guides in the comments, I've got a few more people on my nice list that I need to shop for!


Mendy the Crazy Daisy said...

I LOVE Kate Spade, too. I can't go in and not come out without a bag full of stuff. The closest one to my house, though, is over 3 hours away :(

Treasure Tromp said...

so addicted to kate spade too!