Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition- Week 2

I went to the gym 4 times this week, which is more than I went in the previous 3 months, so now I consider myself an expert on gym motivation.  This week I have 5 tips to make going to the gym a little easier.  Seriously, these are gems!

1. Wear a bikini to the beach when you are not bikini ready.  The horror you feel will be all the motivation you need to make it to the gym.  Okay, so I didn't have the lady-balls to actually go to the beach in a bikini.  I looked in the mirror, cried a little and changed into a tankini and shorts.
Newport Beach

2.  Schedule your workouts during your favorite TV shows.  I always stay on the elliptical a little bit longer when I those Real Housewives are in a cat fight.
Sorry so blurry, but its hard to run and photograph.

3.  Keep a mental note of how many calories you burned at the gym.  It makes us a lot easier to put that chocolate cream pie back on the shelf when you see its 410 calories a slice.

4.  Do yourself a favor and go to GNC and get the Be Hot Turbopaks.  They are awesome!  Seriously my workouts go to another level when I use them.  I am all about putting in the time to get the body I want, but I also believe in working smarter rather than harder.
My obsession.

5.  Reward your hard work.  Set a goal and when you reach it, go get yourself a cute new Lulu Lemon top or a massage.
I've got my eye on this!

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Kim @ Slice of Life said...

Great tips! When I'm in the gym I definitely get in front of a tv with something i want to watch so that ill stay longer! i find this is especially helpful when Biggest Loser is on! lol!

Holly said...

It always helps me to meet a friend there AND (as lame as it sounds) to have cute workout clothes!

♥̸̨-̶̶•kar•̸Ϟ•̸♥ said...

I downloaded this app called Nike Training Club (NTC) available on Droid or Apple products and it seriously is amazing. Your New, Handheld Personal Trainer, seriously. Great for the gym or home.

Jodi S said...

Love your tips. For me its good (sometimes a little raunchy) music, fresh air, and just wanting top be strong, for, and healthy. Good luck to everyone in the comp.

Kim said...

Amazing Ashley, I wish I had more time for the gym but I do use it on Sundays when my son is at swimming. Otherwise I workout at my house with my DVD's

Bethann said...

I love the idea of rewarding yourself with new work out clothes! The sight of new lulu threads into drawer get me motivated because I look forward to wearing them!