Getting Crafty: DIY Jewelry Holder

I would love to live in an upscale department store.  The clean lines,  the clothes neatly folded or displayed  and not crammed onto a single bar rack, whimsical window displays, plush furniture.  Ah!  I'm on an ever constant quest to make my room feel like an upscale boutique.

I also love organization.  I need everything to have a home.  Especially jewelry!  I love to be able to see what I have to get ideas on how to wear it.  So I decided to make my jewelry a home of it's own!  It was super easy and now my bedroom looks a little more like a boutique.  So today, I thought I would share with you how to make one for yourself!

What you need:
*I didn't use one, but if I were going to redo this project, I would find an old large from from a thrift shop to go around the pegboard.

Then head over to Lowe's or Home Depot or wherever you like to go for home improvement items.
-Get a pegboard. I think mine was like $5
-A can of your favorite shade of spray paint.
-The 43-piece Pegboard kit $12
-A 50 lb+ mirror/picture hanging kit. (I got mine from Target)

Before you leave, have your pegboard cut to the size you'd like!

I liked the 43- piece set because it came with these little buckets.  I use them to store my  stud earrings and pins.

-Spray paint your peg board and let it dry.
-*If you took my advice and got a frame, place pegboard into frame.
-Place hooks in desired locations.  Once locations are selected, you can secure them in place with the    
  fasteners that come with the kit.  I didn't, but I'm a bit of a daredevil.
- Attach the wire from the hanging kit.  I basically just used the holes in the pegboard to tie the wire.  There
  is probably a more professional way to go about this, but "nobody got time for that!"
- Hang your fabulous new jewelry holder on the wall.
- Adorn it with all your favorite jewels.
- Celebrate what an awesome job you did and buy something new to add to your collection

I got myself this ring.  And I "love" it!
Now all my jewelry has a home and I am just so happy when I accessorize in the morning!

Happy crafting!


Jennifer Hanson said...

Oh that's such a great idea! I totally want to do that too now. Thanks for sharing. :)


Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

Ooh, I love it. I am doing a DIY jewelry holder post for tomorrow. But I think this idea is great too! :)

xo, jill
Classy with a Kick

Jodi S said...

Amazing color choice and great idea to store your jewelry. Way more fun than armoire

Allison Clements said...

Thanks for the DIY craft! Love it. Found your blog through the giveaway!


Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

I LOVE this! You're so crafty!!

Jesika Crank said...

Oh I love this!!!
I might need a few of them or a HUGE one!