The Facts Of Me

I couldn't resist a chance to link up with Whitney, so here I am and here are some facts about me.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have...

The Facts Of Me (and a nostalgic moment remembering the days I would watch The Facts Of Life while eating breakfast before elementary school.)

Fact: The dessert that I crave all day every day is a chocolate dipped cone from DQ.  Nothing makes me happier than a little vanilla ice cream covered in hardened chocolate.

Fact: I don't like ice in my drinks. It's a space waster.

Fact:  I am thinner and happier with a tan.  To prove this theory, I spent my day off at the beach, but in the meantime, this is what I look like tan.  Okay, so I had to go back into the archives for this one, but look how thin and happy I look!

Fact: Every time I am on vacation I dream of what it must be like to not work.  Remember the good ole' days when we had the summers off and our job was education.  Ah, memories.

Fact: I am messy, but it's only because I am obsessively organized. If everything doesn't have a place then nothing does.

Fact: Things are better in miniature.  Mini burgers, mini desserts, mini beers...

Fact:  I own 8 pairs of sunglasses.  Each pair cost me less than $15.  What can I say, I love cheap glasses.

Fact: I would really enjoy being a talk show host.  I'm patiently waiting for that offer to come in.

Fact:  I am not a "clubber", but on the rare occasion I do club, I end up taking pictures like this.

Fact:  I love the feeling of completing a workout, but I absolutely hate the feeling of starting a workout.

Fact: I love awkward situations.  It's just so entertaining.  

Fact:  I hate the Lakers.  

Fact:  Half of my closet is filled with black clothing, but I prefer to wear color.  I also have over 25 pairs of heels but I prefer flip flops.

Fact:  The smell of pancakes make me want to vom.  There was an incident when I was little.  It involved a contest, over a dozen pancakes, and never ever eating them again.

Fact:  I like to break out into dance whenever appropriate... or even inappropriate.

Fact: I can't eat gummy vitamins because I have no self control and will eat the whole container.

Fact: Foot and/or hand massages are the way to my heart.  

Fact: This is my drunk face and these are my drunk chins.

Fact:  My blood probably has more Diet Pepsi in it than water.  I actually think my body has evolved to run better on diet soda than water.  Don't be jealous.

Fact:  I buy shaved Parmesan cheese just to eat it out of the package.  only about 10% gets used on food, the rest is really more of a snack.

Fact: I love giant Jenga more than any other game.  And trust me, you want me on your team!

Fact: This post has entirely too many pictures of me.  All of this self reflection has made me want a beer.

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Niki Caron said...

I would love to see you break dance! And I love your mini beer!!! Hehe

Staci said...

Giant Jenga terrifies me! Every time I am convinced I am going to get knocked in the head or something.

Kim (Babyw8) said...

It was nice getting to know you a little more. Thanks for sharing. This is a great link up

Erin said...

Oh my god I'm the same way with my gummy vitamins. I have to put a lock on them I think. Why can't they just make the serving size bigger

Cindy C said...

I laughed out loud when I read the fact about your gummie vitamins! I used to be the same way about Flintstone Vitamins.

Whitney Ellen said...

Ok, if you aren't a clubber does that mean you're a bar gal? Because if so, I just fell in love with youuuu.

Jennifer said...

So, can you OD on gummy vitamins?

Also - I've never been able to summarize by need for organization and it's inevitable messiness - LOVE the way you put that. I feel as though my life has found new meaning.

Sara said...

We have so much in common! cheap sunnies, chocolate dipped cones, being tan and anything miniature are some of my favs.

Casey said...

Cheap sunglasses are the way to go. You can buy more pairs, and if you break one, it doesn't matter. Also, mini things are awesome. Always.

Jenn said...

So, I totally adore you even more after reading this post.

The gummy vitamins thing made me life- because it's SO TRUE for me, too!

Foot/hand massages? AMAZING. You can't get better than a good foot massage in my book.

I don't like ice in my drinks either and I'm only messy because I'm obsessively organized, too.