Every Day in May

So, I'm joining the challenge.  Mostly because I have really been struggling to keep up with my blog, work and life.  I'm not willing to slack on my life or work, so my sweet little blog has been taking the hit.  The thing is though, I love writing, so it's time I got back to what I love, after all isn't living about filling your days with the people and things you love?  Alright then.

The Story of my Life in 250 Words

To describe myself in one word, I would say that the 27+ years that have lead up to this moment have been filled with overwhelming independence.  For starters, I was born nearly a month late, arriving on my own time.  I grew up an only child dressed in OshKosh, filling my time with imaginary adventures and elaborate games of house that took place in my backyard, climbing over furniture and balancing on the fireplace ledge.  I spent my childhood listening; fascinated by the people and relationships around me.  Soon dance entered and took over my life; a way for a shy girl to express herself outside of the spoken word.  In high school, I left my family for weeks to pursue my independence by way of acting and modeling.  This was the first time I really knew I could take care of myself without the comforts of home.  Next, it was off to college to get a degree in PR and advertising where my passion for understanding the way people interact was expanded.  Then, I was off to chasing adventure and independence once again in London.  The next few years were filled with wonderful peaks and a chasm of lows.  I found my strength and myself when I decided to embark on a new adventure, one that married my passion for communications with my aptitude for autonomy.  These days, I spend my time obsessed with my job, my friends, the simply beauty in life and the pursuit of impeccable taste.

250 words... awww snap!


jackie jade said...

fun learning more about your and love how you tied it all to the theme of independence. i also lived in london for a bit after college. there is nothing like being alone in a new place to make you indpendent!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

Dinah Gacon said...

Wow, how did you like living in London? I have always wanted to experience it. I say your 250 words are pretty incredible! Congrats on all your accomplishments!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam