It's A Beautiful Morning

I believe in starting your day beautifully. 
For me that means having fresh flowers somewhere in the house.  I love to have flowers on my nightstand or a bouquet on the dining room table.  Something about fresh blooms just makes every day better!  This week I've enjoyed my breakfast with a side of peonies.

I'm not going to lie to you, I've been pretty impressed with the fact that I have actually made myself breakfast each morning this week.  Maybe that doesn't sound like a huge accomplishment to you, but I don't generally get up early enough to eat, let alone enjoy my morning.  I have always valued those extra minutes of slumber, but this week I may have taken one more step into adulthood.

It's been lovely taking a few minutes each morning to prepare for the day, enjoy a good breakfast and delight in my pretty pink peonies.  It just might be my new morning ritual.

What helps you start your day off right?


Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

I love those peonies!

I overly enjoy my morning time. I get up 2 hours before work and eat, blog, and just relax.

Don't you feel like it makes you more awake throughout the day!

julia rose. said...

Peonies are my all time faaavorite! They definitely help brighten any morning :)

I'm like you though- any extra sleep I can get, the better (for me and everyone else hehe)...

And coffee. Coffee helps me.

Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

Oh man, flowers really do it for me. I love those little things that just make life more beautiful...flowers, a ribbon tied here or there...it all brightens my life!