There Is A NEW Puppy In This Post

Yeah, I would have clicked too when I saw the word puppy.  Don't worry, I wasn't teasing there is a new puppy in this post, but there is also a weekend recap.  Feel free to look at both.

Wowza!!!  What a weekend.  My stache helped me kick off  an eventful few days! Here's a little recap for you all!
On Friday night, I had a mini fiesta!  I made myself a little salad topped with homemade pico de gallo!  The left over pico was perfect for a little chip dipping!  We also rented Warm Bodies- which I enjoyed.  Something about zombie internal commentary reminds me of talking animals... and you all should know how I feel about talking animals-HILARIOUS!

On Saturday, while I eagerly awaited the arrival of my newest (puppy faced) roommate, I headed to Ikea, for some new apartment inspiration and some Swedish meatballs. Oh Ikea, how I love you.  I especially love the black and white stripped throw I got for just $19.99!!!

Then this little nugget came home!!!  Isn't she precious?  My roommates got a puppy, which means I got a puppy with none of the responsibility!!!  Best. Day. Ever.  I love big dogs, so the fact that they brought home a Great Dane (yes, you read that correctly) doesn't bother me at all.  

On Sunday, I met up with some friends and we took a Duffy boat out in the Balboa Peninsula.  I love to cruise.  Especially when said cruising involves champagne, snacks, good friends and laughter- we brought plenty of all the above.  Well, almost.  We could have used more champagne, but when couldn't you use more champagne?

Then, walking around Balboa Island, I found some pretty flowers. Naturally, per my obsession, I took some pretty pictures.  

All and all, I have to say it was a pretty solid weekend! Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!  Go link up, share and meet new friends!

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Niki Caron said...

Oh my gosh! I have never seen a Great Dane puppy! I am DYING of cuteness!!!!!!!!!!