Sometimes when my head is full of ideas and plans and big dreams- things I can't share,  I find myself avoiding my blog because both in life and here, I tend to be an open book.  With my "big plans" taking up so much space in my head, it's been hard for the last week to find much to write about.  I know I know, who likes secrets?  No one!  But alas, I must keep this a secret until I get things in motion.

In truth, I've never liked having secrets.  I don't mind keeping other peoples secrets safe, but I prefer not to have secrets of my own.  I suppose that doesn't make me terribly mysterious.  I think it stems from being a terrible liar- which is why I've never been good at poker.  For me, transparency has always been the best policy.

So that was a long way of saying all my thoughts are focused on something else and thus I have nothing to write about lately.  I've also spent the last week back in Arizona, which has kept me pretty busy.  Which makes me such an inconsistent blogger.  Maybe someday I will learn that while content is king, consistency is queen.

I don't really know where I was going with this post, but here it is none the less.  Have a beautiful day loves!

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Erica Musyt said...

Good luck with everything!!!!!