Year in Review

So 2013 was an awesome year!  Here's a  little recap of the things that happened on my blog in 2013!

January: I resolved to make 2013 my bitch,  took a super fun trip to Vegas with my favorite girls and I reflected on 10 years (one of my favorite posts to date).

February: Self Magazine commented on my instagram post and I got really excited and I went to a fabulous wedding.

March: I was still holding on to my health goals by listening to skinny Ashley and I was really busy at work, so I didn't blog very much.

April: I did my first style post and pretty much fell off the wagon with trying to work out.

May: I failed miserably at blogging every day in May- I think I made it two days and I attended the Elevate Blog Conference, which was soooooo awesome!

June: I moved into a new apartment and my roommates got a puppy.

July: I had a lot of deep thoughts like here and here, and apparently watched a lot of movies on Netflix.

August: As my birthday approached, I got really focused on Sweating Sexy Back, I gave up diet coke and I turned 28!

September: I was all about working out and eating healthy.  I tried juicing and I did a lot of sweating- A LOT.

October: I posted my first weight loss update, I went to tequila sunrise and I talked a bit about my hopes and dreams and decided I would be moving back to Arizona.

November: I found my new favorite movie, got my first anonymous comment and stumbled upon my next big idea.

December: So far this month, I wrote about some things I've been afraid to publish and have been focused on amping up my style game along with getting back into the dating pool.

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Anonymous said...

In may and june you also helped out an old friend who was going through a tough time!